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Health Canada fear mongering once again about medical homegrown cannabis

By CannabisNews Health Canada is once again spreading the illusion that medical medical homegrown cannabis users are growing too much cannabis. Once again an unnamed Canadian health regulator is complaining that medical marijuana patience’s are growing too much cannabis at home. This is a familiar song and dance from the Canadian Government over medical homegrown cannabis. In […]

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Mexico creating worlds largest legalized cannabis market

By CannabisNews The health ministry of Mexico has published rules to start regulating medical cannabis. This is a major step in the broader reform to create one of the worlds largest legal cannabis markets in the Latin American country. This new regulation was signed off by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Now that the regulations have […]

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Unbelievable OPP wasting your tax dollars to appease Licensed Cannabis Companies

By CannabisNews The OPP’s joint cannabis enforcement team were hard at it again last year, busting and arresting unlicensed cannabis companies owners, stealing their money, and putting them in the criminal system. They used your tax dollars to execute 152 warrants on so called “illegal” cannabis stores and growers. Would you like to know how much money […]

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This week in make believe – Unlicensed cannabis is more dangerous to kids then licensed cannabis edibles

By CannabisNews The lie of licensed cannabis Do unlicensed gummies look any different then licensed cannabis? Of course not, but if you read this CBC article https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-cannabis-edibles-children-er-vists-1.5756970 by Steve Bruce you might believe that. In a major effort to sell their lack luster 2.5 mg THC edibles the Cannabis Council of Canada, the organization that represents licensed […]

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This week in make believe – Unlicensed cannabis is more dangerous to kids then licensed cannabis editables

By CannabisNews

The lie of licensed cannabis

Do unlicensed gummies look any different then licensed cannabis? Of course not, but if you read this CBC article https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-cannabis-edibles-children-er-vists-1.5756970 by Steve Bruce you might believe that. In a major effort to sell their lack luster 2.5 mg THC edibles the Cannabis Council of Canada, the organization that represents licensed producers is spreading propaganda that some how legal editables are less “dangerous” then any other cannabis editables. If we put some unlicensed cannabis editables in one of their containers are they now some how magically less dangerous? Maybe we make unlicensed cannabis so weak that no one will buy it? I would imagine this would make those editables far more “safe”.

Cannabis editables more or less dangerous then melatonin editables?

This is our comparison of the two substances.

Melatonin gummies vs Cannabis gummies

Looks like candy – both

Contains substances that cause sleep – both

Overdose can make a child sick – both

Come in child proof containers – both

Will effect the child long term – neither

Overdose can cause death in a child – neither

Sold over the counter with no age limits – melatonin

Very much the same yet one is highly regulated and one is sold over the counter to anyone. So why is one completely unregulated and the other you need strict rules around? Good question that no one Health Canada has the answers for. If I had to make an educated guess it would have something to do with the Cannabis Council of Canada, that benefit from keeping one very high priced, and illegal to anyone not in their council.

Where are all the articles about melatonin overdoses? All the dogs overdosing on melatonin and ending up at the vets? I can’t find any can you?

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It’s Time To Legalize, Regulate and Tax Marijuana

By CannabisNews

The question for voters is not whether marijuana is good. It is whether prohibition is good. It is whether the people who use marijuana shall be subject to arrest, and whether the people who supply them shall be sent to prison. The question is whether the war on marijuana is worth what it costs. Initiative 502 says no.

If marijuana killed people, or if smoking it made people commit violence and mayhem, prohibition might be worth all its bad effects. But marijuana does not kill people; there is no lethal dose. Marijuana befuddles the mind and stimulates the appetite, but it does not make people commit arson and brigandage.

Some people abuse it, just as with alcohol, but cannabis is less of a social problem than liquor, wine and beer. And society manages those as legal, commercial products.

What would legal marijuana be like? Consider what has happened in Seattle. The city has become a sanctuary for medical marijuana, with aboveboard dispensaries. Recreational marijuana is readily available in Seattle on the illicit market, and users of small amounts are no longer prosecuted. For several years, recreational marijuana has effectively been decriminalized in Seattle, and there has been no upsurge in crime or road deaths from it.

But even in Seattle, recreational marijuana is still supplied by criminals — by definition. Prohibition creates criminals. In the 1920s, when alcohol was banned nationwide, alcohol money fed Chicago gangster Al Capone just as marijuana money feeds the Mexican gangs now.

Says former U.S. Attorney John McKay, who battled the gangs while in office and supports 502 now, “The enormous demand for marijuana in the face of criminal penalties, which has been in existence for 70 years, is spinning off enormous profits for drug cartels, for gangs, for drug dealers.”

Initiative 502 aims to take the …read more

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Medical Marijuana and Taxes

By CannabisNews

An obscure tax law, intended to prevent cocaine kingpins from deducting yachts and other necessities, may alter Boulder’s landscape. Experts say it may shutter dispensaries nationwide.

Fourteen years before any medical marijuana laws existed, US Tax Code was amended because a convicted coke dealer had successfully deducted guns, boats, and bribes. Ever since, Section 280E has banned deductions related to “trafficking in controlled substances.”

Because marijuana is a “controlled substance,” dispensaries are taxed on all revenue — without subtracting rent, payroll, or supplies. The IRS has embarked on an auditing spree, slapping some dispensaries with tax bills in the millions. (The representative who sponsored 280E in 1982, observing its current invocation, now leads the effort to reform his own law.)

Aware of the threat, Colorado dispensaries have tread carefully. Some calculated the square footage used for selling meds, versus the area used for discussing and observing said meds ­— and wrote off rent for the latter. Some claimed that their employees multi-tasked, and deducted a portion of payroll for non-trafficking pursuits.

These number-crunching taxpayers were abiding Tax Court’s 2007 decision (C.H.A.M.P. v. Commissioner): Caregiving services were separate from trafficking, the court had ruled, and could be deducted. Dispensaries pay a higher tax rate than other businesses — but they’ve been able to keep the doors open.

Until now. In August, the Tax Court unanimously reached its second decision on 280E: It precludes dispensaries “from deducting any expense related to the business in that the business is a single business that consists of trafficking in a controlled substance.”

No more multi-tasking staff or separate “wellness spaces.” Your stores’ rent, employees, marketing, supplies — what might seem like normal business expenses — are all part of your trafficking. Growing controlled substances (still just as federally illegal as trafficking them) was somehow omitted by the lawmakers who wrote 280E …read more

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

The post Hello world! appeared first on My WordPress.

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Where The War on Pot Will Go To Die

By Jamie1

In some states, there’s an untenable mismatch between the crime and the time, but does anyone think that pot—medical or recreational—will still be illegal in 10 years? Now that a majority of Americans—54% and climbing, according to Pew Research—believe that marijuana should be treated like beer, wine and liquor, it’s time to ask: where does the war on pot go to die?

What episode will trigger that final skirmish that kicks over the hollowed-out edifice of marijuana prohibition like the Berlin Wall? What will be the final outrage against common sense and common decency that triggers an Arab Spring for weed in these U.S.? Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia already have medical marijuana (with more to come), and full legalization has gained 13 percentage points in just the past five years.

Ironically, whatever ends the war on pot won’t happen in Colorado or Washington, which have already legalized recreational pot and have received vague promises from Attorney General Eric Holder that the feds won’t bust people and businesses who comply with state laws. Colorado is further along in the retail process than Washington (where pot shops won’t open until mid-July), and so far the only problem of note is that the state is raking in 40% more tax revenue than originally projected.

Look instead to places such as Round Rock, Texas, where 19-year-old Jacob Lavoro faces a sentence between five and 99 years for allegedly selling a 1.5-pound slab of hash brownies. Under state law, selling up to five pounds of plain old pot is punishable by no more than two years in the clink and a $10,000 fine. But hash, a concentrated form of pot, is considered a controlled substance and even the tiny amount in Lavoro’s brownies qualifies him for what amounts to a potential life sentence. Through a …read more

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Feds May Cut Off Water For Legal Marijuana Crops

By Jamie1

Some cannabis growers may soon find themselves with a lot less irrigation water if the U.S. government decides to block the use of federal water for state-legal marijuana cultivation.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees management of federal water resources, “is evaluating how the Controlled Substances Act applies in the context of Reclamation project water being used to facilitate marijuana-related activities,” said Peter Soeth, a spokesman for the bureau. He said the evaluation was begun “at the request of various water districts in the West.”

Local water districts in Washington state and Colorado, where recreational marijuana is now legal, contract with federal water projects for supplies. Officials from some of those water districts said they assume the feds are going to turn off the spigots for marijuana growers.

“Certainly every indication we are hearing is that their policy will be that federal water supplies cannot be used to grow marijuana,” said Brian Werner at Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, which handles approximately one-third of all water for northeastern Colorado and is the Bureau of Reclamation’s second-largest user in the number of irrigated acres.

Washington state’s Roza Irrigation District, which supplies federal water to approximately 72,000 acres in Yakima and Benton counties, has already issued a “precautionary message” to water customers that may be involved in state-legal cannabis growing.

“Local irrigation districts operating federal irrigation projects have recently been advised that under Federal Reclamation Law, it is likely project water cannot be delivered and utilized for purposes that are illegal under federal law,” wrote Roza district manager Scott Revell in letters to the Yakima and Benton county commissioners. “Presumably growing marijuana would fall into this category.”

Both Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana for medical use more than a decade ago. Pot remains illegal under federal law. Reclamation’s Soeth said that the issue of cutting off water …read more

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