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Things that piss me off…

When I miss the call by one ring "hello? Hello!! Can You Hear Me!!" Then I try to call them back and it rings 6 times.
What did they do when I didn’t pick up?
Put the phone down and run away?

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Hicks are smarter than BP, The Government, and Scientists put together

Robert E. Lee must be shedding a tiny tear of joy for these good-ol’-boys. Presenters Darryl Carpenter and Otis Goodson show how hay can help solve the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico

Site of the Day: Ramenbox.com

If like most of us, you find yourself eating a lot of Ramen, this site is a lifesaver. You haven’t had ramen if all you have had is what’s available at your local grocery store. Ramenbox has over 50 kinds of premium instant noodles to choose from. Delivered to your door.

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Soy Jism – Viral Video

If you’ve seen the phrase "soy jism" on the internet lately and wondered just WTF is going on, here’s your explanation. Some reporters on New York’s Fox 5 were discussing a proposal to restrict the term "milk" to stuff that comes from mammals, not from rice or soy. If it’s not milk, they wondered, what should it be called instead?
Then news anchor Rosanna Scotto blurted out her brilliant suggestion.

The other anchors sat in stunned silence for a second, until one of them said "that’s an option too" and they all burst out laughing. There was no way to cover up the gaffe on live TV and a catchphrase was born.

Would you like milk or jism with your cereal?

Drug Raid gone horribly wrong as Columbia MO Police Department continues its abuses.

There is another example of how law enforcement is becoming civil militia. This video is tough to watch, but is a must watch for anyone concerned not only with our backwards drug laws, but also our rapidly disappearing citizens rights in general. These tactics are more appropriate for a terrorist cell, maybe a gang of bank robbers but marijuana??? Despite the fact someone assumed he was distributing, five or tens POUNDS would not warrant these tactics when talking about marijuana.


Here we see cops dressed like soldiers, barreling through the front door middle of the night, slaughtering the family pets, one of which is locked in the kitchen behind a gate, filling the house with bullets in the presence of children, then having the audacity to charge the parents with endangering their child. The only ones here endangering children are the police discharging 7 rounds in a home that was obviously not a drug den.


Each member of the SWAT team should be required to sit down with that boy with helmets in hand and apologize for hurting his daddy, killing his dog, and scaring him and his mom. And then they should be required to say, "We made a bit mistake and we are very bad men to have scared you like that." I cannot imagine this child’s trauma.

This video is like something from a Nazi war film. Even after they have him in handcuffs, have shot his dog, terrorized his wife and kid, found no weapons or large quantities of drugs, they still treat him like crap.


Anyone that could even remotely, by the longest stretch of the imagination, defend the actions of the police department, is out of their mind.

Notice the yard – look like a drug house to you?
Notice the living room – certainly looks like a dangerous drug-den to me


Dose the Columbia police department not have tasers? Oh yes, they do I forgot about them tasering the mentally ill man off of the bridge. This appears to be a police department with a systematic over reaction problem.


This is what America’s war on drugs looks like.


Video of bridge taser incident

Penn Gillette says stop the war on drugs now

Penn Says Legalize Marijuana STOP the war on drugs now

Marijuanaville by Mark Eddie

Marijuanville song by Mark Eddie. marijuana, music, comedy, funny song parody of Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet as sung by comic/singer/sonwriter Mark Eddie.

Jazz Reefer Music

Jazz reefer songs:

Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, and some dude named Buck have all sung about weed. Its not just the modern day music we are talking about here.

Marijuana smoking has a long history (we’ll get into that in a future posting) It is prevalent in ALL parts of our culture from a mellow party to religious ceremonies and everything in between. Nowhere is this more apparent than in music. It is not relegated to one form of music or another. Here are some examples of Jazz songs by some very famous names that have a reefer theme

Texas Tea Party
by Benny Goodman

When I Get Low I Get High
by Ella Fitzgerald

Save The Roach
by Buck Washington

Lets face it a lot of the music that has weed as a subject matter is humorous. (or we just think it is since everything’s funny when we’re stoned)

Ron Paul debates Stephen Baldwin on Legalizing Marijuana on CNN Larry King.

Obligatory Warnings

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