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This week in make believe – Unlicensed cannabis is more dangerous to kids then licensed cannabis editables

By CannabisNews

The lie of licensed cannabis

Do unlicensed gummies look any different then licensed cannabis? Of course not, but if you read this CBC article https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-cannabis-edibles-children-er-vists-1.5756970 by Steve Bruce you might believe that. In a major effort to sell their lack luster 2.5 mg THC edibles the Cannabis Council of Canada, the organization that represents licensed producers is spreading propaganda that some how legal editables are less “dangerous” then any other cannabis editables. If we put some unlicensed cannabis editables in one of their containers are they now some how magically less dangerous? Maybe we make unlicensed cannabis so weak that no one will buy it? I would imagine this would make those editables far more “safe”.

Cannabis editables more or less dangerous then melatonin editables?

This is our comparison of the two substances.

Melatonin gummies vs Cannabis gummies

Looks like candy – both

Contains substances that cause sleep – both

Overdose can make a child sick – both

Come in child proof containers – both

Will effect the child long term – neither

Overdose can cause death in a child – neither

Sold over the counter with no age limits – melatonin

Very much the same yet one is highly regulated and one is sold over the counter to anyone. So why is one completely unregulated and the other you need strict rules around? Good question that no one Health Canada has the answers for. If I had to make an educated guess it would have something to do with the Cannabis Council of Canada, that benefit from keeping one very high priced, and illegal to anyone not in their council.

Where are all the articles about melatonin overdoses? All the dogs overdosing on melatonin and ending up at the vets? I can’t find any can you?

The …read more

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