What if Stoners Ran the World
(We refer to actual pot smokers and not people doling out biblical punishment.)

If you didn’t think twice when trying to spell philosophy to get here - your not quite baked enough -
have one more puff (or two) before continuing on.. Then bookmark the site so you never have to spell it again


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Obligatory Warnings

There are things on this site that some people take offense to. Be aware there will be Marijuana related content as well as boobies and f-bombs and other adult material here in stoner philosophy. We don't think that we cross "THE" line but our opinion of where the line is may differ from yours.

If you are easily offended get the fuck out now because we might talk like adults from time to time, or even show a body part without clothing OH NO!

Please consider the entire site NSFW (not safe for work).
We are way to …ummmmmm…lazy…. yea lazy… to keep typing those four letters over and over again.

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