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Jazz Reefer Music

Jazz reefer songs:

Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, and some dude named Buck have all sung about weed. Its not just the modern day music we are talking about here.

Marijuana smoking has a long history (we’ll get into that in a future posting) It is prevalent in ALL parts of our culture from a mellow party to religious ceremonies and everything in between. Nowhere is this more apparent than in music. It is not relegated to one form of music or another. Here are some examples of Jazz songs by some very famous names that have a reefer theme

Texas Tea Party
by Benny Goodman

When I Get Low I Get High
by Ella Fitzgerald

Save The Roach
by Buck Washington

Lets face it a lot of the music that has weed as a subject matter is humorous. (or we just think it is since everything’s funny when we’re stoned)

Obligatory Warnings

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