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Viral: The Unseen Sea

The Unseen Sea is a well-edited compilation of Simon Christen’s time lapse videos from around the San Francisco Bay Area. Think of it as looking out the window, but way faster and more efficiently than in real life. Careful though, this is really relaxing perfect for a quick break from the daily grind.

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

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Viral Video: Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Honor" Rally – Interviews With Participants

On 8.28.2010, Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Honor" rally was held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The purpose of the rally, which Beck claimed to be "non-political" despite featuring Tea Party-favorite Sarah Palin as a speaker and its being attended entirely by conservatives, was unclear. The participants spoke abstractly about the need to restore "honor" and "pride" to a country that had lost it. When pressed for when our country had lost its honor, most cited the election of Barack Obama.

It’s kind of scary how stupid the average attendee in this video is.

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Hicks are smarter than BP, The Government, and Scientists put together

Robert E. Lee must be shedding a tiny tear of joy for these good-ol’-boys. Presenters Darryl Carpenter and Otis Goodson show how hay can help solve the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico

Soy Jism – Viral Video

If you’ve seen the phrase "soy jism" on the internet lately and wondered just WTF is going on, here’s your explanation. Some reporters on New York’s Fox 5 were discussing a proposal to restrict the term "milk" to stuff that comes from mammals, not from rice or soy. If it’s not milk, they wondered, what should it be called instead?
Then news anchor Rosanna Scotto blurted out her brilliant suggestion.

The other anchors sat in stunned silence for a second, until one of them said "that’s an option too" and they all burst out laughing. There was no way to cover up the gaffe on live TV and a catchphrase was born.

Would you like milk or jism with your cereal?

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